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CD008 Vermeer Quartet/Concerts Under The Dome

1000.00 руб.
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This is a second selection of live recordings made 'under the dome' of the Ascension Church, Oak Park, Illinois, by Ken Christianson to appear on Naim Audio's CD label. Musically, it is stronger than the first release, and the performers prove a match for what they play. You would expect nothing else from the first-rate Vermeer Quartet.
Schmuel Ashkenasi - violin
Mathias Tacke - violin
Richard Young - viola
Marc Johnson - cello
John Bruce Yeh - clarinet
Martin Beaver - violin
Marc Johnson - cello
Andrea Swan - piano

Recorded in True Stereo analogue by Ken Christianson, Pro Musica, Chicag

Recorded at live at Ascension Church, Oak Park, Illinois (1994)